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Bezhoek Extreme Trail Festival 2019 Route Details

Because there are places you can reach by foot that you cannot reach on a bicycle the 2019 Trail Festival promises to […]


Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival 2019 Route Details

The Bezhoek Team is working on new routes around the clock and we are adding new sections almost every month. Then there […]


Bezhoek Skills Experiences Kicking Off on a High Note

We often get really tired of the city, pack our bags and head out for a weekend of relaxation. Whether it is […]


Jurgens Bekker Attorneys extends Bezhoek Extreme Sponsorship

We are extremely proud to announce that Jurgens Bekker Attorneys have extended their partnership with Bezhoek Extreme. Bezhoek Extreme had a very […]


Bezhoek Extreme Birding

Birding is one of the fastest growing nature-based tourism activities world-wide and is experiencing similar growth in interest and popularity in South […]


Bezhoek hosts delegates from the International Cycad Conference

South Africa is host to the 11th International Cycad Conference this year. It takes place under the auspices of the¬†International Union for […]