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The Olifants River is a crucial catchment area in South Africa and the lifeblood of the Lowveld and millions of people depend on it to deliver water crucial to their sustainability. Pollution, alien plant species and a lack of sustainable management programs continue to destroy this essential source of life. Alien plant species consume up to 10% of the available water. Bezuidenhoutshoek Farm has invested close to R3 million on the rehabilitation of the Olifants River Valley and remains committed to supporting long term sustainability initiatives in the valley.

The unselfish commitment and support provided by the farm owners and a small network of environmental activists has transformed an over-grazed, abused and forgotten piece of land into the environmental haven it is today. The farm’s unmatched biodiversity combined with the environmental interventions has earned it both international and local attention. Preliminary heritage assessments have revealed historic structures deemed significant to both intrinsic and tourism value.

Bezhoek Extreme extends an open invitation to organisations who wishes to get involved in the ongoing rehabilitation and conservation efforts. For more information email us at