The Bezhoek Extreme 2019

Men Podium Results

Extreme Men (94km | 46km)
1st – Nicol Carstens in 6:19
2nd – Alan Gordon in 6:29
3rd – Ben Melt Swanepoel in 6:37

Warrior Men (68km | 46km)
1st – Alain Slabbert in 5:25
2nd – Waldo Verster in 6:27
3rd – Andre vd Berg in 7:24

Challenge Men (50km | 46km)
1st – Jaedon Terlouw in 4:40
2nd – Philip Morkel in 4:56
3rd – Victor Frazao in 6:09

Ladies Podium Results

Extreme Ladies (94km | 46km)
1st – Theresa Ralph in 7:34
2nd – Yolandi du Toit in 8:37
3rd – Heila Meintjies in 9:48

Warrior Ladies (68km | 46km)
1st – Thiesa Janse v Rensburg in 7:15
2nd – Nontobeko Beauty Ngobese in 8:26
3rd – Natali Delaney in 10:35

Challenge Ladies (50km | 46km)
1st – Karlien Trumpelmann in 7:13
2nd – Sheila Burrough in 7:21
3rd – Bianca Kock in 7:36

Looking back at The Bezhoek Extreme 2019

With the 2nd Edition of The Bezhoek Extreme behind us event we reflect back on a successful weekend. However instead of giving you our account of the weekend we thought it would be best to share the experience of one of our Extreme participants. With a gruelling 94km Ultra marathon and a fast but challenging 46km Half Marathon behind him MTB Veteran and Marketing guy Sean Badenhorst shared his experience with us.

A challenge like no other

“On Saturday I completed one of my hardest days on a bicycle… Stage 1 of the The Bezhoek Extreme 2019 MTB Challenge was long, but not super long (94km) and had a reasonable amount of ascent (1988m). The weather was mild and dry. So what made it tough then?

The steep gradients and the terrain. Rocky, rough and loose in varying degrees; unpredictable slopes in varying degrees… I haven’t been so completely challenged on a mountain bike since the early 1990s when our bikes were simple and race routes were rugged. Two days later and my shoulder, neck, back and leg muscles are still aching from the intensity of the effort. We need more events with routes like this, but unfortunately they’re not attractive to the masses. Kudos to everyone involved in the The Bezhoek Extreme 2019 MTB Challenge for investing in good old fashioned ‘tough’. Oh, I took just over 6 hours to complete Stage 1. And Stage 2, on Sunday, was 45km that was more forgiving, but not easy. Congrats to all that finished! The organisation was superb. I will be back next year for certain!” - Sean Badenhorst

The Bezhoek Extreme 2018

Men Podium Results

Gert Heyns

Friday/24KM: 00:59:18
Saturday/89KM: 04:36:32
Sunday/45km: 02:04:50

Christo Carelsen

Friday/24KM: 01:03:00
Saturday/89KM: 04:40:47
Sunday/45km: 02:07:40

Andre Potgieter

Friday/24KM: 01:04:42
Saturday/89KM: 05:05:51

Sunday/45km: 02:09:39

Ladies Podium Results

Amy Beth McDougall

Robyn de Groot

Friday/24KM: 01:05:37
Saturday/89KM: 04:49:02
Sunday/45km: 02:17:45

Sarah Hill

Friday/24KM: 01:07:55
Saturday/89KM: 04:55:20
Sunday/45km: 02:21:10

Tough took on a new meaning at the Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival 2018

The race that lived up to its name. That’s pretty much how most riders summed up the inaugural Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival 2018. The event featured trails that have never been ridden before and views that only a few dozen people have ever experienced, it was truly a magnificent experience.

Featuring 3 days of riding across a variety of distances, there was something for everyone en route, and for spectators, the race village catered to all their needs. Set on the banks of the Olifants River, the aptly named Olifants River Lodge hosted riders and supporters for the weekend. With loads to do while the riders hit the trails, there certainly were no bored supporters.

Congratulations to all the riders who tackled and concurred this race of races. We’ll be back in 2019 for an even better Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival.