Our Trails

Our trails have been labeled by professional mountain bikers as some of the best in the country and also some of the hardest in the country.

One thing is for sure, we take pride in what we offer and our specialist trail builder ensures that there is something for everybody. From a somewhat easy short distance to a grueling marathon distance trail and everything in between, we offer all levels of trail runners and mountain bikers something to rave about.

Whether you are looking for a fun weekend out with friends, technical terrain to hone your skills on or challenge to add to your training program Bezhoek is the place for you.

Elevation profiles

(Difficulty / Technical level on a scale of 1 to 10)

White – 17km @ 300m Vertical Ascent (2)

Bezhoek Extreme White Trail Route

Yellow – 17km @ 460m Vertical Ascent (5)

Bezhoek Extreme Yellow Trail Route

Green – 24km @ 450m Vertical Ascent (3)

This route is a bit easier but just because it’s Green doesn’t mean it’s all downhill. Ramp Valley required some ingenuity on the team’s part and to get up the ramps will require some explosive power on the rider’s part. Like all the other routes it is well worth the trip to Bezhoek.

Bezhoek Extreme Green Trail Route

Purple – 28km @ 666m Vertical Ascent (6)

With the lyrics of songs like Bicycle Race and Fat Bottomed Girls, one cannot help but wonder whether Freddie Mercury had some secret desire to become a Mountain Biker instead. Our Purple route was inspired by the front man himself.

Bezhoek Extreme Purple Trail Route

Silver – 41km @ 940m Vertical Ascent (6)

Bezhoek Extreme Silver Trail Route

Red – 56km @ 1230m Vertical Ascent (8)

The route profile depicts the 56km Red route that will soon be open for the more serious mountain biker to enjoy. Don’t let the distance fool you. There is a reason we compare it to one night in Bangkok…

Bezhoek Extreme Red Trail Route
Route maps with more detail will be available on request.
Special out ride refreshment options available on request