Our Story

Bezhoek Extreme is more than a destination, more than a sporting playground.

Bezhoek is a space for people with passion, a place you can enjoy with an extended family, bound by the love of nature, sport, wellness and a taste for adventure. You may leave Bezhoek, but Bezhoek will never leave you.

The Bezuidenhoutshoek Nature Reserve, or Bezhoek as it’s more affectionately known, is a beautiful protected reserve in the Olifants River Valley where like-minded people have the opportunity to explore their passions.

We cater for extreme mountain biking, trail running, hiking, yoga or simply just enjoying the magnificent African bush and its creatures.

The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Authority have designated Bezhoek as irreplaceable and highly significant in terms of their bio-diversity assessment criteria – which qualifies it to be registered as a Protected area.
For more information, visit www.bezhoek.co.za.

The reserve boasts over 120 indigenous grass species, which is more than the significantly larger Kruger National Park. Cycad populations of the critically endangered Encephalartos Middeburgensis and vulnerable Lanatus dot the landscape as testaments to our planet’s evolutionary past.

Roaming freely are over fourteen different species of antelope, including Eland, the vulnerable Oribi and Klipspringer. Predators include Leopard and Brown Hyena. Other game includes Giraffe, Ostrich, Bushpigs and the elusive Honey Badger. Over 278 confirmed bird sightings have been ticked off the list, including the African Finfoot, Verreaux Eagle and Denham’s Bustard. And, if that’s not enough, surviving late stone age rock art pays homage to the reserve’s older, more ancestral human residents.

Stay for 4 hours or the weekend, we guarantee every time you visit us will feel like the first time, and you’ll be back for more!