Positive Sports Solutions MTB Junior Challenge | Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival

Stage races, Stage races everywhere, but not one for my age category…

This is how many junior category mountain bike riders feel about the hundreds of events taking place every year. There’s only a handful of stage events that give our junior upcoming riders an opportunity to show their steel over 2 days in a qualifying distance.

If this is how you feel we have something for you. Bezhoek Extreme has partnered with Positive Sports Solutions to bring you the full Stage Race experience with Junior category distances.

The Positive Sports Solutions MTB Junior Challenge consists of two half-marathon distances on Saturday and Sunday. Included in your entry is 2 days of exhilarating racing, meals and accommodation and the opportunity to show what you are made of in arguable one of the most challenging MTB events on the calendar. Prize money for the Junior Mens and Ladies categories are sponsored by Positive Sports Solutions.

Junior Category prize money:

  • 1st Place Mens and Ladies: R3,000
  • 2nd Place Mens and Ladies: R2,000
  • 3rd Place Mens and Ladies: R1,000


Enter now at www.bezhoekextreme.co.za or email us at young-guns@bezhoekextreme.co.za for more information.



With all our Junior riders in mind we offer a discount of 10% on all MTB Junior Challenge entries. All participants will also earn point for their school with top finishers earning extra points. The school with the most points at the end of the weekend will win an exclusive Bezhoek Weekend Experience valued at over R30,000

Points will be awarded as follows based on the position the rider(s) finish in.

GC (2 Days) Boys Girls
1st 25 25
2nd 20 20
3rd 17 17
4th 14 14
5th 12 12
6th 10 10
7th 9 9
8th 8 8
9th 7 7
10th 6 6
11th 5 5
12th 4 4
13th 3 3
14th 2 2
15th 1 1
15+ 1 1
Positive Sports Solutions MTB Junior Challenge | Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival